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Hello! My name is Yohan. I come from Reunion Island, a french little paradise in the Indian Ocean. Difficult to say where I live now, but I'm usually around Shenzhen (China). I'm also a nu disco music enthusiast and proud minimalist.

I’ve created Nemtytab, #1 online retail store in France selling tablets PC and accessories from China. Then Nemty Agency, a digital marketing agency in Shenzhen.

In April 2015, I decided to step into web development. Despite being interested in tech since I was young, I only had skills in design, not coding. So I invested in myself and joined General Assembly web development bootcamp in HongKong.

Now, I'm bulding a field service management SaaS called Simply Field, using a Meteor/React/React Native stack.

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You can contact me directly at [email protected] or Twitter.